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BISSC Registered Company

Magna Mixer Company

11180 Southland Rd
PO Box 40810
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240-3202
United States of America
Phone Number: 513-489-8044
Fax Number: 513-851-6904

Kerri Celmer

Models are Certified

4.5Design Requirements for Cake Depositors, Fillers and Icing Machines
 Models: 17" Depositor: 17V-SX3, -SA3, 17W-SX3, -SA3, 17F-SX3, -SA3, 17"H, 176V-SX3; 24" Depositor: 24V-SX3, -SA3, 24F-SX3, -SX3, 246V-SX3.
4.6Design Requirements for Horizontal, Vertical and Spiral Mixers
 Models: Semi-High Speed Mixer: 100L, 200L, 300L, 600L, 800L, 1000L, 1200L; High Speed Mixer: 25H, 50H, 100H, 200H, 300H, 400H, 600H, 700H, 800H, 900H, 1100H.

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